Rock and Water


Rock and Water is a psychological and physical training for boys and girls in primary and secondary education. Self-control, self-confidence, and self-reflection are the starting points of this training. By doing physical exercises children and young adults will learn how to deal with these issues. Emphases lies on working together. The exercises are practical and fun. The programme is compatible with existing curricula.


In the mid eighties in Holland, a program of self-defence for girls was developed. This program was a direct result of the women's emancipation movement. Changing role patterns and a growing sense of being entitled to the same rights as men, were at its roots.

The Self-defence For Girls Program taught girls and women to defend themselves against forms of sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Beside a number of effective physical techniques, they were also taught how to become stronger mentally. This program was and still is very successful in Holland. It has become a standard subject in the curriculum of many Dutch schools. Its success is partly found in the fact that its goals had - and still have - wide social support.










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