Aggression and Conflict Management


Training 'Dealing with aggression and conflict.


Aggression is a common issue in our society. Everybody is familiar with it and somehow we will have to face it. Every professional practioner, like teachers, carers and receptionists has to be able to deal with all kinds of aggresive behaviour in an effective way. This is not always easy, because this kind of behaviour will also trigger the professional. However, a certain number of tools can be offered in order to change aggresive patterns. A safer setting and a more positive way of communication will be created. Several questions will be dealt with: What is aggression, which forms of aggression can distinguished, how does aggression affect us, how could we de-escalate, which non-verbal aspects affect aggression.




The training offers a level of insight into our own behaviour in aggressive situations. It will also allow us to recgonize boundaries. Moreover, knowledge of several forms of aggression and de-escalation techniques will be offered.




The training is suitable for every professional who has to deal with potentially aggressive behaviour and communication in their daily work: teachers, customer service managers, case managers, job coaches, carers, partipation coaches etc.




Influence of stress

Communication model

Definition of aggression

Several forms of aggression (and recognition)

De- escalation techniques

Influence of non-verbal behaviour

Defining boundaries (and recognition)


We also include several self defence technniques, which are part of the total training programme.






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