About Ki4life


Currently, humans have to deal with the same amount of information within 6 months as the previous generation in its entire life. Recent research has shown that negative working pressure has increased with 1,5 per cent over the last 20 years. This affects our working satisfaction in a negative way. Moreover, it results into an increase of stress related complaints, for instance, RSI, burn-out and chonic fatigue.

Research has also enabled us to determine dat 60 per cent of the complaints are caused by mental factors. A lot of employees are not able to meet the high expections imposed upon them by their employers. Besides, it's relatively hard for them to be resilient in stressful environments and situations.


Visions of Ki4life.


Ki4life supports the personal development process of awareness and self-acceptance. The current western culture affects our focus on personal targets. This oftten involves a rational approach instead of an empathic and emotional approach. It influences our self-esteem in a negative way. We are inclined to transfer this negative image to our environment, which also triggers certain negative reactions. Employees can only flourish if they are aware of there strengths and weaknesses.


Goal of Ki4Life.

Stimulating particants' awareness, which allows a higher level of insight into their own strengths and weaknesses. A higher level of self-esteem, will absolutely result into a higher level of productivity.




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