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John Bierhof


I have gained considerable experience in the field of problem children and mentally handicapped children who suffer from severe behavioral disorders.

I am a certified agression coach and I support individuals and teams in recognizing aggression and dealing with it. It’s essential to recognize aggressive behavior and use the right methods to respond in an appropriate way.

Recognition of different forms of aggression and the use of methodical instruments are needed to prevent any de-escalation and to define clear boundaries.

The training programs haven’t only been developed for health institutions. They could also be applied in schools, companies or other organisations , for instance a department of a company or a school class. Bullying, ignoring and belittling are forms of aggression which can severely affect a positive working environment. This will probably result in employee absenteeism and reduction of productivity.

John came by a management training in contact with Ki-aikido. He is go more in depth and has a good translation to ki-aikido in daily life to apply. This knowledge carries John via Ki4life over.



Monique Bierhof


Forensic educational coach and trainer.


I have gained experience in the field of mentally handicapped children, which has also allowed me to deal with aggression disorders.

I frequently encounte vulnerable people who need defensibility training. The sessions enable human reinforcement and increase self-esteem.

As a counselor and coach I provide appropriate training programs for people who suffer from all kinds of complaints. These complaints are mostly related to stress, a lack of defensibility and low self-esteem. The training sessions increase awareness of personal resilience.

Both mental and pysical aspects of defensibiliy will be dealt with. The training programs offer solutions to all kinds of daily problems at school, at home or in the streets. Self-defence techniques will be applied to increase self-esteem.




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