We try to fulfill the needs of employees with stress-related complaints. There is an increasing demand for professional counselors which can provide both preventive and curative advice in the field of stress management. A growing number of employees suffers from mental complaints.

They don't succeed in finding a proper balance. It's a daily struggle for them to meet the high expecations imposed upon them by their employers. It's not always easy to be resilient in stressful envionments and situations.




Employees are more and more exposed to stress in their daily work, with regard to business relations, reorganisations, redundancy and outplacement. The Stresscoach can contribute to a more vital working environment by operating as a coach, trainer or counselor.


Health care:


Currently patients need morepersonal attention and guidance. Praction relaxation exercises are used to offer personal care. This can also be used in sauna,- beauty, and fitness centra in order to reach

the right balance between the daily activities and an acceptable level of stress.


What is counseling?


Counseling is a form of short-term assistance. It's a process which involves verbal communication, which enables a coach to gain more insight into the particiapant's level op peronal growth and development, which can be used as a starting point to reach higher level of self-acceptation.

Counseling can be compared to the search for new opportunities and the ability to solve problems. This search will allow the participant to deal with important problems, but it will also result into a higher level of awareness of strengths and weaknesses.


The quintessence of the counselling session is the focus on the client. The counselor doesn't provide any strict guidelines, but the participant can use the elements he or she can benefit from. The counselor emphasises inner thoughts and feelings which the participants aren't aware of. It is a mutual process which involves insight into the participant's behavioural patterns and reflection.


Key issues; respect, empathy and acceptation.


Anti-stress counseling ia a practical form of pyschosocial counseling for mentally healty people who experience a (temporary) problem in their daily work routine. Problems could negatively

affective productivity. Counseling is a relatively practical and easy form of dealing with problem situations, (either workrelated or personal) which can result into physical or mental complaints. We offer tailor-made solutions adjusted to the personal situation of the participant.





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